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Thank you for your purchase of our company's products, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you! In order to protect your legal rights and interests, you are relieved of your worries, and have made the following warranty service commitments to you and provide you with the following services:
1. The company selects the best plan in strict accordance with the national standards, contracts and technical specifications, and comprehensively tracks, monitors and inspects the process quality to ensure product quality;
2. Establish user service technical files to prepare for after-sales tracking services;
3. The company's products, from the date of purchase, the company provides you with free on-site service. After the expiration of the warranty period, the company will provide lifetime maintenance and charge appropriate maintenance fees as appropriate;
4. All products sold by our company provide users with product manuals, product qualification certificates, packing lists and related technical materials, and provide free training for user operators. The time and number of people are not limited.

Service Description:
In the process of using the product, if the customer finds that the product can not be used normally, he can immediately consult the after-sales service department of the marketing center, and explain the model, specification, use environment, fault condition, purchase date and service requirements of all products. After the after-sales service department has put forward the handling suggestions, if it still cannot be resolved, then decide to send someone or do other treatment.


Nantong Flying Standard Machine Tool Technology Co., Ltd. is a key backbone enterprise in the national forging machinery industry. The company is located in the famous town of Jiangsu in the economically developed Yangtze River Delta - Hai'an Town, which enjoys the "hometown of cutting machine tools". The Xinchang Railway and the Ningqi Railway meet here. The coastal high-speed, Jianghai Expressway, 204 National Highway and 328 National Highway are all connected within one and a half hours. The traffic is very convenient.

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